About Us

Who we are

We are passionate, considerate, respectful, and empathetic toward those individuals and families touched by cancer. We believe that all people deserve the best treatment with dignity. we are an encouraging, dedicated, and supportive team contributing the society through our knowledge, wisdom, and humility.

We value the determination and drive of our colleagues to take bold steps to effect positive change. We believe in sharing experiences that can make significant positive changes in modern cancer treatment. We are honest and ethical in all that we do and engage in responsible decision-making that reflects the highest standards of care. This ensures that our credibility, leadership, and use of resources are never in question.

We value our history of learning as we strive for continuous improvement and development at all levels of the organization. We embrace a creative approach to finding solutions that are appropriate and consistent with the strategy, character and abilities of the organization. We value diversity and work hard to create a collaborative environment where we benefit from the technological perspectives of others.

The Medical Oncology Society of Bangladesh is made up of inspiring people who are leaders in their fields and those knowledge and expertise make a real difference in the fight against cancer. Our people have the energy and passion to contribute to a better future and to work tirelessly to improve lives now.

The Beginning
At just over 35 years as a recognized specialty, medical oncology is a relatively young but rapidly evolving discipline, which poses significant challenges for those working in the field. These challenges include the need to continue research to determine optimal treatment methods, keep abreast of new developments, and ensure that the legislative and operating environment affects the practice of medical oncology. Moves to establish a society to represent medical oncologists in Bangladesh began in July 2014, against a background of major challenges in comprehensive cancer treatment with limited resources. A working party under the chairmanship of Professor Parveen Shahida Akhtar was established to consider an appropriate organization, its aims, and its relationship with other societies and organizations. After a brief discussion with the country’s famous oncologists, physicians, and surgeons, on 18 th February 2015, the Medical Oncology Society of Bangladesh (MOSB) was established under the inaugural chairmanship of Professor Parveen Shahida Akhtar.

The Medical Oncology Society of Bangladesh (MOSB) has played a significant role in assisting medical oncologists to meet these challenges, encouraging research and clinical trials, facilitating the training and continuing education programs, and providing representation for medical oncologists to government and other organizations.

Working on it:

1. To protect the rights of medical oncologists.

2. To promote the advancement of knowledge and the practice of medicine in the field pertaining to medical oncology for the benefit of the community.

3. To promote and maintain the highest standards of medical oncology practice and ethics throughout the community within limited resources.

4. To co-operate with and advise medical or other bodies interested in medical oncology practice and the management of neoplastic disease.

5. To promote and facilitate the distribution of information relevant to medical oncology practice throughout the community.

6. To support researchers and establish cooperation between other medical oncology societies worldwide.

We are considering:


We are passionate to improve care so that each and every cancer patient gets the same opportunity for quality cancer care regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, educational level or geography.

We value your opinion, your instincts and your beliefs. We believe that you are the most important person in this process.

We respect methodical differences and advocate for those practices and beliefs as they impact your cancer care. We also believe in the diversity of personalized cancer care and embrace technical differences because there isn’t just one road to travel.

We value ongoing professional development and continuing education because our purpose is to learn, understand, teach and treat.

Current Situation and Recommendation:

At present, the National Institute of Cancer Research & Hospital (NICRH), Shaheed Sohrawardi Medical College & Hospital and Combined Military hospital (CMH) have medical oncology department. Every Year four students will get the chance at medical Oncology post-graduation (MD) in National Institute of Cancer Research. According to National Health Bulletin 2017, the Medical Oncology department of NICRH served 49.8% of total indoor cancer patients. To ensure comprehensive cancer management for all people by Vision 2030, it is mandatory to expand the medical oncology service at every tertiary-level hospital in Bangladesh. The recommendations are the following:

Post-graduation seats In MD (Medical Oncology) should be increased by at least 15 in number per year  


It is our immense pleasure to let you know that we are going to organize 3rd  Dhaka Cancer Summit  2023  (DCS-2022)  on  08h  September  2023  at  Pan  Pacific  Sonargaon  Hotel,  Dhaka, Bangladesh and I would like to take the honor to invite you to Dhaka Cancer Summit 2023 (DCS-2023). We already successfully organized the "1st Dhaka Cancer Summit 2019 "& "the 2nd  Dhaka Cancer Summit 2022".

At this conference,  we are expecting enormous participation of    Medical  Oncologists, Radiation Oncologists, Surgical Oncologists, Research Scientists, and also other Specialists who have intensive scrutiny on comprehensive cancer management.  Therefore,  we have also arranged different panel discussions, symposia, contouring sessions, preceptorship and poster competitions, etc. so that our participants can acquire updated knowledge and information on comprehensive cancer management.